Li Tian

Li Tian

Li Tian of London, is a Barrister and Solicitor called to the Law Society of Ontario’s Bar in 2019. Li is one of the lawyers at Diversitas Law Group. She provides service in the fields of Immigration, Refugee, Citizenship, Family, Wills and Estate. She is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese.

She was affiliated with the Edward Corrigan Law Office from November 2013 until March 2022 and is well-versed in the field of Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship law. Ms Tian also offered consultations regarding family law and estate matters.

Li holds a Bachelor of Law Degree from The Hague University, in The Hague, Netherlands (2008-2012). During law school she did an internship with the Office of Public Counsel for the Defence at the International Criminal Court in The Hague (2012). She also did another internship with Gender Concerns International, a Non-Profit Organization that promotes women’s rights in the Middle East, South Asia, and South Africa (2011-2012).

Ms. Tian has also completed a research-based LL.M program at the University of Western Ontario in London,Ontario in 2013 with a major thesis regarding victims’ right to challenge Crown’s decision not to prosecute. In 2017, she completed a Canadian Common Law LL.M program at Osgoode Hall in Toronto, Ontario.

She is also a Community Interpreter affiliated with the London Cross Cultural Learner Center and Multilingual Community Interpreter Services in London, Ontario since 2015. Li also volunteered as a Mandarin instructor at Chinese-Canadian National Council in London, Ontario (2014). Li has extensive experience working with Newcomers and volunteered at London Cross Cultural Learner Center in its Computer Instruction and Language Match program for newcomers in London, Ontario (2014-2015).

In her spare time she enjoys playing badminton, digital graphics drawing and writing. Li is also an enthusiastic volunteer in the London Badminton Association.

You can reach Li Tian via WeChat at LT271802668 or email